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Balance Our Neighborhoods

From infrastructure upgrades to access to fresh, healthy food options - I want to improve some of the cities most impoverished communities. Your zip code should not be a determinant of your overall quality of life or life expectancy. It’s my sincere desire that residents across the city live in vibrant and safe communities. To elevate neighborhoods with lower socio-econmic levels, we need to not only focus on supporting small businesses in these communities, but we need to expand corporate development opportunities to parts of the city that need revitalization the most.

Balance Workforce Development

Workforce development is economic development. Tax breaks should not be the most important component of our city’s plan for economic development. We need to invest more deeply in cultivating the talents and skills of our youth and current residents. I will advocate for adult literacy programming that will improve current residents ability to seek employment opportunities and I will support programming that will help students be college and career ready upon graduation from high school.

Balancing Crimes and Poverty Prevention

When residents can secure strong employment opportunities that provide a livable wage, they are less likely to engage in criminal activity. It’s important that we explore viable ways we can rectify the income inequality gap across the city. Eliminating income inequality among Memphians can positively impact the city’s crime and poverty concerns.

Balance MATA (Memphis Area Transit Authority)

All progressive cities have one thing in common - a viable public transportation system. The city and the county need to increase funding for MATA so we can extend service hours, secure additional buses and expand bus routes. The city’s ability to expand our public transportation system is a real indicator of our ability to become a true southern metropolis.

Memphis counts on you.